Prioritize These 3 Roof Repairs

Oct - 11 2017

When it comes to roof repair in Anniston, AL, it can be difficult to know which issues are more pressing than others. While it’s true that one or two wobbly shingles may be able to wait, there are definitely some problems that need fixing fast. In fact, when left unresolved, some minor concerns can turn […]

Be Your Own Roofer, Plumber, and Landscaper

May - 28 2016

One thing I really enjoy doing when I am able to relax around the house is watch some television. Honestly, that is what most guys like to do anyways. I just enjoy watching TV with my wife. Plus we both like many of the same shows. I really enjoy the shows where they flip houses, […]

Cold Showers are Never Fun Not Even for a Plumber

May - 19 2016

When you first get married things can be a little difficult in the beginning. You have two people who have lived on their own until now. Then all of  a sudden you are living with someone and around them all the time. So you will figure out each other habits of living. One thing you need […]

How Important is a Good Roof?

May - 16 2016

If you are a homeowner you love your house. It is a huge investment you better! You are always trying to take really good care of it. It is a lot different if you rent because that is not yours. It belongs to someone else. Something that I take pride in is I try my […]

Enjoy the Real Estate Market

May - 05 2016

Something my wife and I enjoy doing are car rides. It is cheap entertainment. What we do on these rides are what makes it fun for us. We both love looking at houses. When we first started dating each we would do this still! We would always go out and pick an unfamiliar neighborhood. There […]